Miller 101 Runs Off 38 Balls Video Highlights vs RCB IPL 2013

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Watch vs RCB in IPL 2013 on 6th May 2013 at Mohali. Watch Miller 101 Runs Video Highlights in IPL 2013 Match 52 against RCB on 6-5-2013 at Mohali. Watch David Miller batting Highlights in IPL 2013 Match 51 on 6 May 2013 at Mohali. What an innings that was and what a player he is he played a fabulous innings of 101 runs off just 38 balls in ipl 8 51st Match on 6-5-2013. Miller smashed 8 fours and 7 sixes in his innings of 101 runs vs rcb in ipl 2013.

Watch David Miller 101 Runs Off 38 Balls Highlights vs RCB IPL 6

Miller 101 Runs Ball by Ball Commentary

7.5 Kartik to Miller, 1 run, jumps out of the crease to drive this to long-off for one
Kings XI Punjab 52/3   DA Miller 1* (1b)
8.1 Singh to Miller, 1 run, length ball, into the pads, worked away to deep midwicket
8.5 Singh to Miller, no run, length ball outside off, pushed to cover
8.6 Singh to Miller, 2 runs, short of a length, on off, punched to the left of third man
Kings XI Punjab 58/3   DA Miller 4* (4b)
9.2 Kartik to Miller, 3 runs, short, wide, cut away to the left of deep cover. They take on Rampaul’s arm and take the third. If the throw had been slightly closer, he was gone at the non-striker’s end
9.4 Kartik to Miller, 1 run, charges at him, drives this full toss to long-off
9.6 Kartik to Miller, 4 byes, quick, short, down the leg side, but not called wides because Sathish is trying a reverse sweep
Kings XI Punjab 68/4   DA Miller 8* (7b)
10.2 Henriques to Miller, FOUR, slower short ball, Miller watches it well and ramps it over short third man
10.3 Henriques to Miller, 1 run, short of a length, middle and leg, whipped away for one
10.6 Henriques to Miller, 2 runs, pulled away to deep midwicket
Kings XI Punjab 79/4   DA Miller 15* (10b 1×4)
11.2 Kartik to Miller, SIX, full, flat, into the pads, and lofted straight for a flat six
11.3 Kartik to Miller, 1 run, flat again, but not full, and is worked away to deep midwicket for one
11.5 Kartik to Miller, 1 run, cut away, mis-hit, but doesn’t carry to deep point
Kings XI Punjab 90/4   DA Miller 23* (13b 1×4 1×6)
12.1 Rampaul to Miller, 2 runs, Miller sends this to the sky and nobody has got under it. It was Rampaul’s catch. Well bowled, though. Gets the edge with extra bounce on a length ball. The ball skies towards mid-on region, and Rampaul is the only man who can go for it. He doesn’t. Not saying he would have taken the catch, but he was the closest to it
12.2 Rampaul to Miller, no run, short of a length, beats him on the pull with a skiddy delivery
12.3 Rampaul to Miller, 1 run, pushed to long-on
12.6 Rampaul to Miller, 1 run, full and straight, driven to long-on for one
Kings XI Punjab 95/4   DA Miller 27* (17b 1×4 1×6)
13.1 Vinay Kumar to Miller, 1 leg bye, Miller having trouble with the short ball too. Hit in the rib cage as he is early into the pull
13.3 Vinay Kumar to Miller, FOUR, short, but this stays low and slow, and hits the bottom half of the bat on the pull, and goes past short fine leg
13.4 Vinay Kumar to Miller, SIX, that’s a lovely shot. This is in his zone. On a length and on the pads. He makes room, gets under it, and sends it sailing over long-on
13.5 Vinay Kumar to Miller, FOUR, bowls it short, the ball angles into the body, Miller pulls. Not the best of connections, but he has placed this to the left of deep midwicket
13.6 Vinay Kumar to Miller, 1 run, Can you believe this? Kohli has dropped a skier? And he is hit on the face too. Miller has picked the best ground to hit those skiers in the night. Low floodlights in Mohali, remember? Slogs again, gets a massive top edge, but it bursts through Kohli’s hands at extra cover
Kings XI Punjab 112/4   DA Miller 42* (22b 3×4 2×6)
14.1 Singh to Miller, SIX, half-volley. That you cannot bowl to Miller. He clears the front leg, and goes inside-out over long-off. The ball has been lost in the crowd. Punjab Police retrieves it
14.2 Singh to Miller, 1 wide, bowls it full and wide outside off. Too wide
14.2 Singh to Miller, SIX, back-foot drive for six. What a shot. “Killer Miller,” says a placard. Short of a length, outside off, he opens the front leg again, and drives it flat over long-off
14.3 Singh to Miller, FOUR, length ball, on off, Killer Miller has opened the front hip again, and has nearly killed the non-striker with this missile. Sathish escapes, and Kings Xi get four
14.4 Singh to Miller, FOUR, RP continues bowling length at a gentle pace. Miller loves it. Swipes this to midwicket for four. Game is on
14.5 Singh to Miller, FOUR, short, wide, and would have been called a wide had MIller not reached across on a ladder and cut it over point for four
14.6 Singh to Miller, 1 run, finally bowls a low full toss. Attempted yorker. Dug out for one. Miller has the strike again. Who fancies a bowl?
Kings XI Punjab 138/4   DA Miller 67* (28b 6×4 4×6)
15.1 Rampaul to Miller, SIX, slower ball, on a length, on the pads, Miller has picked this early, waits for it, and sends it way way back over midwicket. You have to bowl short and quick to him
15.2 Rampaul to Miller, 1 run, short of a length, gets an inside edge into the toe for a single
15.4 Rampaul to Miller, 2 runs, full, outside off, driven wide of deep cover for two
15.5 Rampaul to Miller, 2 runs, slightly short of that driving length, he gets it across, wide of deep midwicket, for two
15.6 Rampaul to Miller, FOUR, and there is the touch. Deftness. Slower ball, short of a length, on off, he waits for it, then opens the face late to guide it fine of short third man
Kings XI Punjab 154/4   DA Miller 82* (33b 7×4 5×6)
16.3 Vinay Kumar to Miller, FOUR, short, into the body, but no sting in it. Miller backs away, upper-cuts the pants off this ball. Nearly a six
16.4 Vinay Kumar to Miller, 2 runs, AB misfields. The pressure is telling. Pulled to deep midwicket, and AB converts this into two
16.5 Vinay Kumar to Miller, SIX, that’s a parallel six. Short again, but again without much behind it. Miller stands tall and sends it over deep midwicket. Hundred for the partnership. Sathish has scored only 11
16.6 Vinay Kumar to Miller, (no ball) 1 run, now Vinay has crumbled under pressure. Bowl the full and fast one, but he has overstepped. Sorry, it is Nigel Llong who has crumbled. Vinay was fine. Unfairly no-balled
Kings XI Punjab 171/4   DA Miller 95* (37b 8×4 6×6)
17.6 Gayle to Miller, SIX, that’s a hundred. It was in Miller’s arc. And it is out of the park. They are all swarming Miller. That’s length, into the pads, and has been smashed over the sight screen for the match-winning six. That’s Miller’s Crossing of the line
Kings XI Punjab 194/4   DA Miller 101* (38b 8×4 7×6)

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